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Charriol Geneve

Sunflare Ring

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SKU: 02-464-1274-0-52
From the gates of Versailles to the whitewashed seaports on the Riviera, the French have a way with the sun. It is, in fact, perfectly symbolic of a certain style of living - a life force, a symbol of brilliance and energy, and a future full of possibility. The motif was emblematic enough to be tapped as the insignia of the original St Tropez collection. Rescued from the archive, the shining symbol has been revived and placed at the center of a collection all its own. The Sunflare Collection is a dazzling line of striking jewelry that emits radiant elegance. Naturally, the materials are warm, a cheerful yellow gold tone over brass. A cluster of charms catch the light - dials and discs, spheres and rays, delicately offset with mother of pearl and CZ stones. The collection unfolds as steadily as the hours of a day, the medallions set as necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings, each as sunny as the last. Strands abound, both thick and delicate chains, with a subtle radial arrangement that mimics the physicality of our nearest star. Debuting for Resort 2022, the irresistible presentation comes at just the right moment in the year - as the days grow shorter and temperatures drop, we invite you to follow the sun.