The Cable

All CHARRIOL cables are produced in Switzerland, with an exclusive 316L stainless steel and titanium alloy, in the La Chaux-de-Fonds workshops.
They are treated with hypoallergenic finish under a strict production process, also used in the medical field, and meet the ASTM International A967-01 standards.


… Did you know ? The ST-TROPEZ 30mm watch cable bracelet is composed of 2 parts of each 6 cables, solder together at extremities, each of those 6 cables is composed of 7 twisted elements, each of them composed of 19 initial wires – totalizing 1’596 wires !

10 times

… Which Watch Brand can offer you a watch bracelet composed of more than 150 elements ? … CHARRIOL offers you a “more than 1’600 elements” watch bracelet … over 10 times than prestigious watchmakers !

4 times

... Thinner than a hair ! The CHARRIOL initial wires are 1.5 microns section only, four time thinner than a standard 6 microns hair.

Surgical grade

Hypoallergenic, resistant to heat and corrosion, the CHARRIOL cable quality meets surgical grade.

Rose gold, yellow or black cables

CHARRIOL uses a special PVD process – where color is vaporized to the stainless steel cable for long lasting quality.