The Charriol Reality

Charriol is a global prestige brand built on heritage. Since its beginnings in 1983, the maison has endeavored to bring forth products which are uniquely designed and inherently different. Its main source of inspiration – the cable – endures as a symbol of strength and of courage, and remains a testament of everlasting empowerment admired by many the world over.

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The Charriol Classic

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1983 - 1992

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Celtic watches are the living heritage of the ancient art of the Celts, with its characteristic “torque” necklaces and bracelets made of coiled gold treads – such as the one unearthed at Snettisham in Norfolk in England.

Philippe Charriol let evolve it in a modern version as a steel cable which will be used as both decoration and for the watch bracelet itself. This original steel cable concept will be further developed within accessories, leather goods, eyewear and jewelry to become the key and
recognizable element of the Brand.

1993 - 2003

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