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I designed the Surf GMT to keep pace with the world’s most fearless thrillseekers, and for all surfers alike there is not greater example than the most fearless of us all, Garrett McNamara, who discovered and conquered Nazaré, the world’s largest surface wave. But Garrett isn’t just a world class surfer, he and wife Nicole are inspiring travelers and life partners, devoted parents and philanthropists who bring infectious positivity to every encounter and community they are a part of. There was no one else who I could have imagined to be the founding member of our Charriol Surf Squad, our new ambassador program for thrill-seeking aquatic enthusiasts. 

The St-Tropez Surf GMT men’s watch meets its equal in Garrett, the classic embodiment of our brand ethos, Live Different. The action-oriented timepiece is a testament to the our tradition of merging the art of watchmaking with the spirit of adventure. I cannot wait to see my friend Garrett sport our celebrated lineup on Season 3 of the Emmy-award winning HBO series “100 foot wave”, a dream come true!