• Established in 1983 by French entrepreneur Philippe Charriol, in Geneva, Charriol is a global prestige brand of watches, fine jewellery and accessories. Charriol’s signature motifs include the Celtic Collection & iconic cable designs. Welcome to Charriol.

    I have composed my style as an alchemist : marrying classicism and modernity together, as a pleasant balance of sobriety and exuberance.

    Philippe Charriol

  • Vivacious and epicurean, passionate and hedonist, Philippe Charriol’s approach to life has informed the creation of his eponymous watch brand. Philippe’s cultural and sporting passions lie at the source of Charriol watch or jewellery collections.

    This ethos is summed up in the Maison’s motto, The Art of Living Differently.

  • Swiss made

    French style

    Charriol watches are true Swiss Made watches and are all hand-assembled in the brand’s watchmaking atelier in Geneva, the birthplace of horology. Each timepiece is characterised by its qualities of precision, quality, luxury and authenticity.

    Watches and jewellery draw on the worlds of art and sport, an adventurer attitude or a romantic spirit.

  • Celtic heart

    Twisted Cable

    Early on in the creation of his brand, Philippe Charriol was inspired by a visit to the British Museum, where he had been enthralled by the Snetisham Torque, a superb example of early Iron Age Celtic metalwork.

    Wanting to pay homage to this great legacy, over the years, I developed my own interpretation of this ancient design.

  • L’Art de Vivre la Difference - The Art of Living Differently. Affirming a lifestyle. Being true to one’s desires. Enjoying all that life has to offer. Appreciating the finer things in life…. wearing Charriol.

    A glamorous new advertising campaign embodies this life: the high life. 

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