CHARRIOL offers a full statutory warranty for pieces purchased from authorized Charriol retailers and the official website.

The warranty covers manufacturing and material defects due to normal wear and use for a period of one year from date of purchase (extending to two years for 18kt gold Jewelry).

Charriol's repair service team will assess any defective product still under warranty. Our experts will repair the product, provide a replacement or if the latter options are not possible, offer a substitute product of similar value. ln this case, please note that the substituted product may not be of the same model or design as the original defective item.

Charriol is not obliged to repair, replace, or substitute any items that have been misused, accidentally damaged, modified and/or repaired by an unauthorized dealer.

Defective pieces can only be repaired if the item is a genuine Charriol product bearing the Charriol stamp or Charriol; logo, the item is not beyond repair - it must be possible for Charriol technicians to restore the product to its original condition, spare parts are still available -note that spare parts will eventually run out of stock once the product is no longer manufactured by Charriol.

To repair an item, please take the product with original invoice, warranty leaflet and if possible original packaging to an authorized Charriol retailer.

Products no longer covered by a Charriol product warranty can be restored through Charriol's repair Service Centre (a service fee will be incurred), given the above mentioned conditions are fulfilled.

If products are sent by post, please insure the items and ship by registered mail. Charriol cannot be held liable for damage, loss, or theft incurred during transport. Please note that the international repair service covers Charriol products purchased around the world except jewelry purchased in U.S.A. / Canada. For jewelry purchased in U.S.A / Canada please visit for assistance.

Products purchased online on the official website cannot be exchanged at a local Charriol authorized retailer. However, any item purchased online and found to be defective may be returned and is covered by the Charriol product warranty.

We reserve the right in our sole discretion to change, modify, add, or delete portions of this Policy at any time. We will provide notice of such changes by posting the updated Notice on our Web site, by emails only to all our distributors or agents and by changing the "last updated" date listed above.

Your Charriol jewelry has been conceived to give you pleasure and reliability for a long time in normal use. To help you take care of your jewelry, CHARRIOL recommends the following tips.

• Since jewelry is a delicate and refined item, it should be worn and handled with care. Avoid direct contact with hard objects.
• Many daily substances contain chemicals which could cause damage to your jewelry; take off your jewelry while putting on cosmetic, playing sports or cleaning with chemicals.
• Regular cleaning and checking prolong the life of a jewelry piece; simply rinse the jewelry piece with a soft brush in cool water (never use hot) and lay them out to dry on a towel or with cool air by a hair dryer. Bring the product to any Charriol Boutique or service center every six months for complimentary cleaning.

Mother of Pearl

• Mother of Pearl is a natural fragile material. Avoid scratching or chipping with hard objects. It may cause irreparable damage to the jewelry.
• Never let your MOP soak in hot or warm water and never wear it in the shower and never under sunlight or spots light. It may cause jewelry parts to dismount and decolor.

Celtic® stainless Steel Cable (Gold-plated/ Rhodium plated/ Black PVD Cable)
• Even though the cable has a flexible design, do not over stretch it against opposite direction or stretch it in a certain position for a long time.
• Avoid soaking in hot or warm water which may cause small metal (gold-plate or silver) parts to dismount and decolor.
• Gold-plated and silver parts of the jewelry are not solid gold items, their color would is subject to natural oxidation, due to change of weather or human sweat and may tarnish or fade after a certain period of use or storage.
• Black cable jewelry items are coated under PVD process, same as the other materials plating in gold and silver, its plating after a duration of use could fade. Do not scratch them on hard surface and avoid contact with salt-water, chemicals like soap, perfume on the coating surface.

• Some of the Charriol 18kt gold wire necklaces are exceptionally delicate due to their unique designs.
• Do not use over-force to take off the necklace after use.
• Do not roll up the wire chain. Properly place the necklace without bending it and let the necklace rest completely inside the pouch provided by Charriol.
• Do not put any heavy items or hard surface onto the pouch as they might deform the necklace.
• During the cleaning of the necklace, do not use the cloth to rub the necklace hard.

Otherwise, its shape could deform easily after rub.

Consult Charriol representative at boutique, corners or service centers for further advice and appropriate handling methods.