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Hong Kong

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In the precise words of Nury Vittachi, “You can leave Hong Kong, but it will never leave you.” It’s a sentiment that resonates deeply with me as Hong Kong was my childhood home, an enchanting world that seeded so much of what I hold dear - a love of food and adventure, a crosscurrent of people and cultures. I return to the Fragrant Harbor as often as I can, the sights and smells a mix of the familiar and the new. I’m always impressed by the change and progress that I see; it’s a city that is made for risk takers, which is what I think called Philippe there so many years ago. Any visit should include a mix of the new and the old, and here is a list that offers a little bit of both. 


Old World: Mandarin Oriental

A staple of the city, stop by the Cake Shop for donuts in the afternoon or cocktails at the Captain’s Bar. 

New World:Rosewood Hotel

A new standard for luxury, the crown jewel of the Victoria Dockside arts and design district.


Old World: Street Markets

Don’t sleep on the street markets! Some of my favorite bracelets and charms have been picked up at small vendors. I always look for jade beads and paper lanterns. 

New World: K11 Mall 

More of a cultural center than a mall, K11 offers exhibitions, performances and an inhouse collection. You’ve never seen a foodcourt like this.


Old World: Star Ferry 

Take the Star Ferry across from Kowloon and back to Hong Kong Island, you can see the whole sparkling skyline from the water.

New World:M+

M+, the global museum of visual culture, has some of the most interesting takes on contemporary Asian art. 

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