Surf’s up at Charriol!

Surf’s up at Charriol!

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Surf’s up at Charriol! It is our great honor to kick off 2024 with a celebrated and dynamic group of brand ambassadors that perfectly embody the spirit of Charriol - determination, excellence and a natural sense for the good life. 

From its founding, Charriol has been a brand made by and design for thrill seekers and adventurers. Philippe passed on to me a love of adrenaline, and after chasing him around race tracks in my youth, I settled on my own flavor of dynamic action - catching the perfect wave. Today, surfing remains one of the great loves of my life; it has fueled my dedication and a sense of discipline, and fed my curiosity and wanderlust. Best of all, surfing is a gateway to a world of nature-loving navigators, fearless and fun-loving competitors. The more time I spent in the water with my fellow surfers the more I see how well suited this community is to represent the values of Charriol. I look forward to introducing you to each of our surf squad members and hope they will impart some of their wisdom and infectious energy - and I can’t wait to see them sporting Charriol on and off the beach!

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