Celtic Dream Bangle 18KT
Celtic Dream Bangle 18KT
Celtic Dream Bangle 18KT

Charriol Geneve

Celtic Dream Bangle 18KT

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Rounding out the Heritage collection is the

Celtic® Dream, a new bangle that draws from the tradition of openwork design - a signature innovation of early

Celtic metalworkers.

Just as dreams offer a glimpse of the subconscious mind, the cylindrical spring bangle is crafted in 18K gold and features an open harlequin pattern revealing an alluring twisted cable at the core. An overlaid circle of diamonds marks the center of the pattern.

The cable is offered in plum - our signature color, and a striking contrast to 18K yellow gold.

The line is offered as a parure, with matching earrings and ring echoing the diamond cut out, a grouping that presents a delicate balance between substance and precision.

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