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Slim Watch Green and Steel

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Suspend the time ! The delightful SLIM story continues in 2019 with the new model Parenthèse Précieuse, at a light yet determined pace with a brilliant new feature trailing in the wake of its delicate ethereal yellow gold plated case. This year, it offers a 34 mm dial in black mother-of-pearl whose intense reflections are echoed by 12 diamonds hour-markers (0.045 ct.) and an asymmetrical setting of 40 white diamonds (0.152 ct.) adorning the yellow gold plated bezel with a sophisticated yet bold accent. The 6 steel black PVD cables emblematic bracelet with 2 Charriol engraving steel decorations contributes to its reassuring, appealing style and Charriol signature. With SLIM Parenthèse Précieuse, fashionistas have some beautiful time(s) ahead.