Earrings Charms Blue Topaz

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18K yellow gold earrings charms.

Inspired by mythology, Le Fil d’Or celebrates gold as the universal standard for value and purity.
The new designs offer a refined take on Charriol’s signature twisted cable. Each piece is handcrafted individually: golden threads deftly twisted instead of cast, to form a new sculpted shape that slips easily on and off. A discrete clasp finishes the polished design.


Delivery expected from 2018-12-13

18K yellow gold earrings charms.

4.62gr. gold, 6.43 ct topaz

Inspired by mythology, Le Fil d’Or celebrates gold as the universal standard for value and purity. We start in Ancient Greece with the three Fates – three goddesses and the incarnations of destiny and life. 

A single thread, the strand of life, is woven delicately by Clotho then measured slowly by Lachesis, and finally cut decisively by Atropos. The symbolism of the thread in the ancient world is found in myriad of gold jewelry, from the Mayans to Celts, the Vikings to Egyptians.

The pieces reference French indulgence and joie de vivre through light, bright and sprightly designs. Delicate bangles, elegant rings and dainty necklaces are embellished with pave diamonds in whimsical motifs, ideal for stacking and mixing to create a personalized look. As occasion dressing meets the realities of daily life, the line offers effortless ease but with luxurious purpose, a touch of gold and a hint of history that takes a woman from work to fun, day to evening.

A golden thread weaving through place and time, a symbol of life, prosperity and excellence. The new designs offer a refined take on Charriol’s signature twisted cable. Each piece is handcrafted individually: golden threads deftly twisted instead of cast, to form a new sculpted shape that slips easily on and off. A discrete clasp finishes the polished design.

Technical Details4.62gr. gold, 6.43 ct topaz
Jewelry categoryEarrings
Jewelry colorYellow gold


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