CHARRIOL is delighted to present its glamorous new brand ambassador Alexandra Rosenfeld

Alexandra Rosenfeld, who is as charming as she is beautiful, will be the new brand ambassador for Charriol, in Europe.
Alexandra exudes radiance and represents today’s woman perfectly. She wears the jewellery and watches from the collection with great elegance.
The essential elements of the ST-TROPEZ ™ design – the cable strap with decors and chain bracelet - are worked into truly sophisticated bangles and rings.


Special new variant of our popular St-Tropez watch for women.
This larger 35mm size offers a beautiful canvas for a special lunar calendar functionality, embellished with a beautiful mother of pearl dial, in tribute to the shimmering lunar mood.

Forever reflects young adults wearing their jewelry in bespoke fashion, staying « young at heart ». Inspired by Celtic « torque » adornments, this collection is easy-to-wear and intented to be unisex.