Automatic watches

An automatic watch is self-winding, powered by the kinetic energy of the wearer. As such, automatic watches don’t require batteries, and the self-winding mechanism is seen in the watch’s internal components, namely the mainspring and rotor (weight). Charriol draws on its Swiss watchmaking expertise to design and manufacture a range of automatic watches for men and women. These include timepieces in the Colvmbvs, Rotonde and Celtic collections.

Women’s watches

Chic, glamorous, stylish…. all of Charriol’s watches for women are designed around these core aesthetics. Each watch range is imbued from meaning, taking inspiration from sources as diverse as Celtic mythology to the French Riviera. All timepieces are made in Switzerland and can be as sleek and simple as Ael to the complex timekeeping instrument that is the Colvmbvs Lady. Precious metals, beautiful designs and technical expertise have made Charriol a key player in the world of Swiss women’s watchmaking since 1983.  


Men’s watches

Charriol has been designing and manufacturing men’s watches since 1983. With an array of styles to suit all tastes and occasions, Charriol’s timepieces are made in Switzerland and range from high performance sports watches to smart dress timepieces. Currently Charriol offers over eight different collections. Choose from quartz, mechanical or chronograph functions, all bearig the Maison’s unique and stylish twisted cable motif.  

Men watches

Ceramic watches

Charriol always uses and seeks out novel and exciting materials, and this innovation is seen in the brand’s pioneering motif, the twisted cable, which has gained global renown. Ceramic is used by Charriol artisans in a number of watch collections (dials, bezels), when deemed a material appropriate for a particular function or design element.  

ceramic watches

Cable watches

All of Charriol’s timepieces feature the brand’s hallmark cable motif in some form, typically on the strap, bezel or around the dial. This is the unique design by which these watches are recognised and appreciated. The twisted cable, worked in an array of materials from stainless steel to gold, is the hallmark of the Charriol brand. Cable watchstraps are typically crafted from stainless steel, coloured steels or even gold. These metal variants are comfortable, hypoallergenic and robust and never lose their shape. The cable is also applied to rubber straps for a sportier design.